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Order Status

What if I forget my Order Number?

Your order number is included in your Order Confirmation email with an automatic link to your Order Status on It is a good idea to save your Order Confirmation email or write down the number for future reference. If you forget or misplace your order number you can get it by contacting Customer Service via email at or by calling 03- 8060 3313

What does it mean if my order status display the below Prefix Order Status on

  • Open means we have received your order and are in the process of filling it.
  • Partly Packed means we have partially processed and packed your order due to some of the items are required to be delivered while pending for full order can be filled. However as for those undelivered items, you may view the next estimated delivery date by click on detail button.
  • Partly Shipped means the partially processed order is on the delivery truck and will be delivered soon to you.
  • Partly Completed means the partially processed order has been delivered to you and awaiting the balance order to be delivered on next schedule delivery date.
  • Packed means your order is being filled and ready to be shipped.
  • Shipped means the full processed order is on the delivery truck and will be delivered soon to you.
  • Completed means your order is being filled and has been delivered to you.


What if I do not receive my order by the Expecting Delivery Date?

Upon received of your order,our customer service will liaise with you for a estimated delivery Date of your order. The new Delivery date also will be reflected on under “My Account” option. You may view for new Delivery date. 


How long do you keep my Order history?

The “My Account” section is one of the great new features on Your Order Status history will be kept for 365 days and will reflect your orders that were placed on, via the phone and Fax.