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Conditions of use –Sales Conditions September 2015

1. About This Document

1.1 What they cover

This document sets out the Sale Conditions (referred to as the sale conditions).

1.2 Changes

We may change these sale conditions at any time, and any changes will take effect on the date they are posted on our web site. Those changes will not affect any orders you submitted before the change.


2. About is an online trading name of Ace Asia Supply Chains Sdn Bhd , a company registered in MALAYSIA, with company number 1139764-P. Our postal address is at No 11,Jalan TPP 6/6,Taman Perindustrian Puchong,47100 Puchong,.Puchong.Selangor. References to AceAsia, we, us and our, are to Ace Asia Supply Chains Sdn.Bhd.


3. Definitions

In these sale conditions: the contract is the contract which incorporates these sale conditions; the contract documents are these sale conditions, the web pages through which you ordered the goods, the descriptions and specifications of the goods on our web site, and our Sales order Number generated to acknowledging you and/or accepting your order; the delivery charges means the delivery charges for order below RM250 applicable if there is any; the delivery address means the delivery address you provided to us in your account or as stated in the ordering web pages; the goods mean the goods you are purchasing under the contract; the price means the price of the goods as stated in the ordering web pages and any order confirmation after an Sales Order Number has been generated; the ordering web pages comprise your shopping Cart (trolley) and the checkout and other ordering pages generated by our web site and sent to your browser's specific to your orders; you and your means the person purchasing the goods from us; we, us, our and mean Ace Asia Supply Chains Sdn.Bhd; the web site means our web site through which you ordered the goods; and working or business day means Monday to Friday, except other public holidays.


4. How the Contract is Make

4.1 Your order

Your order to us is your offer to purchase the goods on these sale conditions, subject to our acceptance.
You are entitled to withdraw your offer at any time up to moment that we accept it.

4.2 Acceptance of your order

Your order is accepted, and the contract is made, when Sales Order Number has been generated or otherwise confirming receipt of your order.

4.3 Declining your order

If we decline your order for any reason we will normally e-mail or telephone you to inform you, and give you our reasons. We will not normally accept any order until we have veri.ed with the approved credit terms and limit and other amounts payable in respect of the order. Other reasons may include that the price, offer, or product has changed or because any of the goods you have ordered are not available.


5. Sales and Purchase

On acceptance of your order, we agree to sell to you and you agree to purchase from us the goods specified in the contract documents.


6. Description and Products’ image

The goods will be the make and model of goods specified in the ordering web pages, will correspond to the essential characteristics, description and specification set out in our web site at the time of order. 

All products’ image published in is for illustration purposes , actual color, size and specifications may be varies.


7. Price and Payment

7.1 Prices

The price you will pay for the goods is that which prevails at the time you place your order. We reserve the right to change prices without prior notice, to re.ect alterations in our suppliers’ prices and/ or changes in taxes and duties.

7.2 Prices reflected in Last Purchase Price (LPP)

The prices reflected in last purchase price is to show purchases records through out the period of your order with , regardless the order placed via Fax/ Phone or Ordering Web Page. The objective is to provide convenient to our customer when dealing with order of office needs. Due to unforeseen market changes that may caused the prices of certain category of products we trade in our ordering web pages may increase. This resulted that we may not able to honor prices shown in Last Purchase Price (LPP) with few SKU “ Stock-Keeping-Unit” often called as product code started with

i) 5Pxx/xxxxx
ii) 1Cxx/xxxxx

Should order being placed (the customer) or processed (by AceAsia ) with SKU listed above due to ignorance or error from both party. AceAsia will have the sole discretion to renegotiate the prices with the customers. 

Besides this, we reserve the right to change the prices of others SKU with and without prior notice. However the increment of price changes will be reflected in Last Purchase Price.

7.3 Payment

Payment in Ringgit Malaysia(RM) will be required at the time of ordering, except where a credit account has been opened in which case payment must be received within 30 days or follow by a pre-approved credit terms from our credit department. We reserved the right to charge interest at 1.5% per month over any overdue account.

Payment by cheque must be crossed and payable to payee name: Ace Asia Supply Chains Sdn Bhd. and if you wished to post your cheque payment to us please mail to address as below :

No 11, Jalan TPP 6/6 ,
Taman Perindustrian Puchong
47100, Puchong ,Selangor

And should you used Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT ) , please email the a copy of your remittance to


8. Delivery

8.1 Delivery Address

Delivery will be to the delivery address selected or provided by you in the ordering web pages. If the delivery address selected is an address that difference from a registered invoice address we shall seek your further clarification, Please note that we only deliver to premises located within the Klang Valley. If we deliver elsewhere then we may charge you our delivery costs.

8.2 Delivery Days

We only deliver on working days, being Monday to Friday, excluding public, within the working hours specified on our web site (or if not specified, between 8.30am and 6pm). Any statements as to delivery within a number of days should be read as working days, and other public holiday falls within any delivery period then you should allow an extra two working days for delivery. If you order after 12.00 p.m., please calculate your delivery time as if your order had been placed the following working day.

8.3 Delivery Timescales

We will generally deliver orders placed before 11.00am, during normal business hours on the next working day, within Klang Valley and Selangor (as stock Permit) .If you are located outside Klang Valley please allow 2-3 days for delivery. You should allow 2-3 days for large items( e.g furniture & Business Machine )and 5 days or more for special order products (it is subjected to availability to stcok from local manufacturer/distributor). It is not usually possible for us to arrange delivery on a weekend and public holiday. 

Where normal delivery is likely to be delayed by more than 3 days we will e-mail or call you to arrange a convenient delivery date.

8.4 Partial Delivery

We may make delivery of the goods by partial, for instance where certain of the items/goods within the same Sales Order Number are not in stock.

8.5 Delivery Note

All deliveries must be signed for before our carrier will release them to you. Signing for delivery is for proof of receipt purposes and will not affect any of your other rights. Please make sure you keep the Delivery Order/Invoice enclosed with your goods, as this will be important if you are returning the goods for claim for products’ warranty.

8.6 Installation

Unless an installation services applies to the goods, you will be responsible for unpacking and installation of any goods.

8.7 Inspection on delivery

You should check that you have received all of the goods you ordered before acknowledge on our Delivery Order and inform us as soon as you can if you think anything is missing or think anything is damaged or not in working order.


9. Sales Order or Items Cancellation In Our Ordering Web Pages

9.1 How did I do cancellation After Sales Order Number (your reference number) has been generated ( ie. S_90002678 ) ?

  1. Sales Order or any item within a sales order can be cancel by calling our Customer Service @03-8060 3313 by quoting your Sales Order Number.

  2. The cancellation of any order you place via our ordering web page(s) must be carry out immediately or within the same day as order placed (daily cutoff time: from 8.30am – 4.45pm). Otherwise the sales contract is made.

9.2 How did I do cancellation Before Sales Order Number (your reference number) has been generated ( ie. S_90002678 ) ?

  1. following the instructions or operation menu of ordering Web page

  2. Before you confirm the order by pressing “CONFIRM“ , you may cancel any item or even all item within the Cart (sales basket) .

  3. Only one order can be made at a time, should you wish to add more items which you left out , you may proceed with a new order by quoting the same PO number ( if you want to maintain the document consistency)


10 Stock Issues

If you do not receive the type or quantity of goods ordered due to an error or omission on our part, we will arrange for the correct order to delivered to you, usually within 3 business days, as stocks permit. Customers are encouraged to notify us upon the receipt of goods if an order is incorrect or incomplete. You must also ensure that any goods supplied in error or in excess of your order are returned in as-new /re-saleable condition in their original unmarked packaging. We reserve the right to charge you for any goods delivered in error, where you have not followed these conditions. 

Goods are sold subject to availability. If we do not supply the goods, however we will not responsible for compensating you for any other losses which you may suffer if we do not supply goods. If goods are not in stock, we will inform you that they have been placed on backorder and either agree a new delivery date at your discretion remove item(s) from your order.


11 Warranty

11.1 Manufacturer's Warranty

We hereby assign to you the benefit of all warranties and guarantees provided to us by any manufacturer or supplier of the goods. You are responsible for dealing directly with the manufacturer concerning claims under that warranty should require.

12 No Liability For Business Losses and Unforeseeable Business Loses

We shall not be liable to you (including under the contract or in negligence) for any for loss of profits or other business losses, or for any losses which were not foreseeable by us when the contract was made; but we do not limit or exclude any liability we may have to you for death or personal injury, loss or damage to property, for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.


13 AceAsia Right to cancel and Vary If:-

  1. we are not able to supply any of the goods for genuine reasons beyond our control, for instance, because we did not have the goods in stock, or sufficient goods in stock to meet all our orders, and we are not able to obtain the goods from our suppliers at all or in time to meet the delivery timescales; or
  2. our web site and/or ordering web pages contained any error, including in relation to the description or price of any of the goods; or

  3. if any of the goods are not in stock or insufficient goods are in stock to meet all our orders and cost of acquiring the goods to supply to you is higher than when your order was submitted or the cost of delivery is higher than when your order was submitted, we shall be entitled to cancel the contract as a whole or in respect of those goods, in which case we will offer you a full refund, and we may also at the same time give you an offer to continue with your order subject to variations, or give an alternative offer, in which case we will identifying any changes to the goods, the price and delivery charges, and delivery timescales, and we will state how long that offer will remain open.


14 General

14.1 Assignment by AceAsia

We shall be entitled to assign the benefit of the contract and any debts under the contract.

14.2 Third Party Rights

The contract shall not benefit or be enforceable by any third party.

14.3 Sub-contracting

We may sub-contract our obligations under the contract.

14.4 Invalid Terms

Each of the terms of the contract is separate and severable, and if any term is held to be void or invalid, it shall be severed, and the remaining terms shall continue in full force.

14.5 Waivers

We may on occasion, at our sole and absolute discretion, decide not to exercise or wait before exercising our rights. If we do so, we shall still be entitled to insist on the strict terms of the contract later on.

14.6 Law and Jurisdiction

The contract shall be governed by the laws of Malaysia and the courts of Malaysia shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction.